Green Tea Chunmee 41022AA

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Premium Chunmee, picked in the Qingming to Guyu a bud, two leaves as raw materials, through fine processing. a tight knot has a front seedling, color green frosted, fragrance thick alcohol, soup color bright and clean, yellow green tender leaves, which is the best green tea for Consumers in overseas markets

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Product name

Chunmee 41022AA

Tea series

Green tea chunmee


Sichuan Province, China


Fine cord tight, uniform homogeneous equatorial


high aroma


Taste bitter, rich


25g, 100g, 125g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 5000g for paper box or tin

1KG,5KG,20KG,40KG for wooden case

30KG,40KG,50KG for plastic bag or gunny bag

Any other packaging as customer's requirements are OK






Keep in dry and cool place for long-term storage


Africa, Europe, Middle East, Middle Asia


Quality certificate, Phytosanitary certificate,ISO,QS,CIQ,HALAL and others as requirements


Free sample

Delivery time

20-35 days after order details confirmed

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Do you know Mauritania?


Mauritania is one of the West African countries. Its full name is the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mali to the east, Senegal to the south, and Morocco and Algeria to the north. Mauritania was originally a French colony with an area of 1,030,700 square kilometers. Half of the territory belongs to the Sahara Desert, and the only perennial river in the territory is the Senegal River and its tributaries on the southwest border.

Now the whole country is divided into the capital Nouakchott, 12 provinces, 53 counties, and the county is divided into districts. There are 216 municipalities in the country. Up to 75% of the people live in urban areas such as the capital Nouakchott, Nouadhibou in the northwest and the Senegal River. The other 25% of the people live a nomadic life, due to the hot and dry climate and poor living conditions.

Islam is the state religion of Mauritania and almost everyone believes in it.

Due to limited resources and climatic factors, Mauritania's economy is underdeveloped.

Customs of Mauritania


From the perspective of geography, culture, and society, Mauritania is an Arab country and an African country. It is called the Arab-African bridge. Therefore, it has both Arab and African customs.

Because they believe in Islam, they do not drink alcohol at meals, only water, and mainly drink camel milk. Whenever VIPs were left alone, they would take out big gourd crumbs, bring camels on the spot, squeeze out big bowls of milk, and let the guests take turns to drink as a show of respect. 

If there is a special event for a banquet, please eat all roast lamb. Mauritanians like to drink tea very much. But they usually drink green tea, not black tea. Their tea is as strong as coffee, with a small amount of sugar and fresh mint juice added to the tea. The taste is sweet and mellow, slightly bitter and astringent. Tea is a necessity for customers, they call it "meeting with three cups of tea".

Tea imports in Mauritania

moroccan mint tea

When the Mauritania people prayed every morning, they started drinking tea. Mauritanians generally drink tea three times a day, three cups each time. On holidays or at home, they can drink tea more than ten times. It takes about 20 grams of tea to make tea once, usually brew three times. Therefore, the consumption of tea in Mauritania is very large. A household in the city consumes about 6 kilograms of tea per month, and most of them buy 5 kilograms or 10 kilograms at a time.

Mauritania people eat more beef and mutton and camel milk every day, and drink tea to help digestion. The weather is hot and people are very tired. Drinking strong sugar tea can invigorate the spirit, relieve fatigue and enhance physical fitness. Therefore, the Mauritania people should not be without tea for a day. The tea-drinking style is prosperous. If they do not drink tea for three days, they will feel headache and uncomfortable, and the whole body will be weak.

According to the annual statistics of the World Tea Association, the import volume of tea in 2012 was about 11,500MT, mainly middle and high-grade chunmee teas, such as 41022, 41022AAA, 8147, etc. There is almost no consumption of gunpowder tea in the entire country.

Tea packing

Paper bags of 250g and 100g are popular.

TU (2)

Chunmee green tea 41022AA is rich in a light chestnut note, with a smooth taste and with subtle lingering sweetness. Besides, Chunmee 41022AA is a well-balanced tea that holds up well for many different foods when served with morning or even meals.

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