Green Tea Chunmee 3008

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Quench your thirst. Refresh yourself with a cup of tea,Help you to digest well Tea is good to keep your healthy and remain beauty and so on..。Tea can prevent and relieve many diseases, for example, cancer, vascular sclerosis, thrombus and so on. Tea is good for many apparatus of your body, such as eyes, tooth, intestines and stomach, heart etc. We export these tea to Africa and Central Asia, such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and so on

Type Green Tea Chunmee 3008
Shape Fine cord tight, uniform homogeneous equatorial
Soup Clear red bright
Taste Taste bitter, rich
Origin Yibin, SiChuan, China
Sample Free
Package 25g,100g,125g,200g,250g,500g,
1000g for paper box.
1KG,5KG,20KG,40KG for wooden case.
30KG,40KG,50KG for plastic bag or gunny bag.
Container 20GP:9000-11000KGS
Certificates QS,HACCP.ISO
Payment Items T/T,D/P,
Delivery Port Yibin port, China
Delivery Time 20 Days After All Details Are Confirmed

绿茶3008 6

Do you know about Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan


Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China to the east. Bishkek is the capital and largest city of Kyrgyzstan Stan

As an ancient country in Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan has a history of 2,000 years, with various dynasties and cultures. Surrounded by mountains and relatively isolated, Kyrgyzstan's culture is well preserved; Because of its location, Kyrgyzstan is at the crossroads of many cultures. Although many ethnic groups have lived in Kyrgyzstan for a long time, foreign forces have occasionally invaded and ruled the country. Kyrgyzstan was a sovereign nation-state until its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The political system is unitary and parliamentary. Kyrgyzstan still has ethnic conflicts, rebellions and economic problems. It is now a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Eurasian Economic Union and the Collective Security Treaty Organization; It is also a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Turkic Parliament and the International Organization of Turkic Culture

Turkmenistan is a landlocked country in the southwest of Central Asia, bordering the Caspian Sea in the west and Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran in the north and southeast. It covers an area of 490,000 square kilometers and is the second largest country in Central Asia after Kazakhstan. About 80% of Turkmenistan's territory is covered by Karakum Desert. Declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Turkmenistan is Asia's only permanently neutral state and is rich in oil and gas.

About 80% of Turkmenistan is covered by the Karakum Desert, and the climate is dry. In the hot climate, Turkmenistan people like to drink tea. In recent years, several herbal teas made from local plants have been developed in Turkmenistan, including licorice tea, which is popular as a cough suppressant
Central Asian people consume an average of 1.2 kg of tea a year, so it should be one of the world's largest tea consumers!
Even the poorest families spend £2 a month on tea, according to the agency, while relatively well-off families spend at least £8 a month on tea.
Nowadays, there is hardly anyone in Central Asia who doesn't drink tea. In Kazakhstan, there is an old saying: "Without tea, you will be sick" and "It is better to have no food than tea for a day." Therefore, tea is an inalienable part of their life.


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