Efficacy and Function of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea

Efficacy and Function of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea, named because of its round bead shape, belongs to the kind of scented tea.

Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea is a reprocessed tea made by using high-quality green tea buds, after processing and drying, and scenting the buds of jasmine petals.

Through this processing method, the nutrients of the tea itself are retained, and the efficacy of the flower is also increased.


Efficacy and Function of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea

1. Antitussive effect: Tea contains a variety of trace elements, which can moisten the lungs and relieve cough, protect the throat, relieve throat discomfort, and it is beneficial to drink regularly.

2. Analgesic effect: relieve pain and relieve chest and abdominal pain.

3. Soothing effect: It can regulate the body and mind and relieve stress.


Brewing of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea

1. A glass cup, 3 grams of Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea and some other tea sets or decorative tea sets.

2. Put the Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea into the glass, and pour water at about 95°C until the glass is eighth full.

3. The taste is mellow and sweet, let the tea soup flow on the tongue, taste the tea flavor and aroma in the soup before swallowing.

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