Moroccan tea drinking customs

Most of China green tea is exported to Morocco.


Morocco has a dry summer and is not suitable for growing tea, but it is rich in mint.

The locals combined chunmee green tea and mint to invent mint tea.


The coolness of mint neutralizes the bitterness of tea, which can cool the lungs, remove greasiness and digest food.

In the hot summer days in North Africa, such a cup of mint tea is the best drink for relieving heat.


The method of making peppermint tea is very simple.

Knead the fresh mint to get the aroma, fill the whole cup, add a little green tea, pour in boiling water and let it stand for a while, then you can add sugar cubes to adjust the taste.


Moroccan tea sets are very delicate. They use bronze teapots to make mint tea and transparent glass cups for drinking tea.

The glass cup has carved lines, full of ethnic customs.


Post time: Jun-23-2021