The efficacy of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea belongs to the scented tea category. When looking at jasmine tea, first look at the shape, the buds are more prominent, and it can generally be regarded as a better scented tea. Then check the soup to see its “fresh, spiritual, thick, and pure”.
The efficacy and role of jasmine tea

1. For women, drinking jasmine tea can not only beautify the skin, whiten the skin, but also resist aging. It can also dredge the human intestines and stomach, lower blood pressure and blood lipids, and also has a great effect on resisting bacteria and viruses.
2. The caffeine in jasmine tea can stimulate the central nervous system, and play a role in repelling drowsiness, eliminating fatigue, enhancing vitality, and concentrating thinking; tea polyphenols, tea pigments and other ingredients have the effects of antibacterial and virus suppression.
3. Jasmine tea has pungent, sweet, cool, heat-clearing, detoxifying, dampening, soothing and calming effects.
4. Jasmine tea not only maintains the bitter, sweet, and cool effects of tea, but also becomes a warm tea because of the baking process. It has a variety of medical and health benefits, which can remove stomach discomfort, and melt the tea and the floral fragrance for health care. .

Post time: Aug-18-2021

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