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green tea single bud can quench thirst and heat, detoxification and diuresis. Its taste is fragrant and delicious, its color is yellow and green, and its soup is translucent and translucent. It has the effect of generating fluid and quenching thirst, disinfecting heat and detoxifying phlegm. Clearing heat, reducing inflammation, diuresis and clearing collaterals.

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Product name

Premium green tea

Tea series

Single bud green tea


Sichuan Province, China


Long and thin


Fresh,sweet, pure and normal


Fresh, tender and brisk


25g, 100g, 125g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 5000g for paper box or tin

1KG,5KG,20KG,40KG for wooden case

30KG,40KG,50KG for plastic bag or gunny bag

Any other packaging as customer's requirements are OK






Keep in dry and cool place for long-term storage


Africa, Europe, Middle East, Middle Asia, America


Quality certificate, Phytosanitary certificate,ISO,QS,CIQ,HALAL and others as requirements


Free sample

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20-35 days after order details confirmed

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Bamboo green tea is only picked before Tomb Sweeping Day, and only tea buds are selected. The picked new leaves are produced by processes such as curing, rolling and baking. It is divided into three grades: taste, meditation and Taoism.

Spring is the best period for bamboo green picking, spring new shoots, tender buds with rich nutrition, spring tea is the best tea in a year, in the eve of the Tomb Sweeping Day Mount Emei tea farmers began to pick new tea, spring tea to Tomb Sweeping Day, the best tea picked before Grain Rain.

Bamboo green tea begins to be picked in spring. The picked new leaves are screened with one bud and one leaf, and the picked new leaves are produced by processes such as defoliation, rolling, baking, etc. The finished tea is mainly green in tone and contains more chlorophyll. According to the color of the finished tea and the tea making process, bamboo green tea belongs to the roasted green tea of green tea

Premium green tea

Fresh leaves processing

Zhuyeqing tea pretreating link which have implemented automatic assembly lines of a complete set of processing, processing workshops with fully enclosed, Gao Qingjie mode of production, after fresh leaves picked from transport to the factory, direct access to raw workshop, without human contact tea again, fully implement fresh leaves in a production line to the whole process of semi-finished products dry tea shift. Primary processing process: fresh leaves automatic preservation, cooling - ultra high temperature and hot and humid wind degreening - cooling and microwave water loss - automatic stripping - automatic stripping - screening and sorting and microwave slow - automatic flattening shape - drying, sensory and physical and chemical inspection, semi-finished products vacuum packing storage for finishing.


Low temperature storage of bamboo leaf green tea

Production of fresh bamboo for flower tea, tea leaves and pretreating seasonal is very strong, only in late February to early April every year, about 40 days of production time, so the fresh leaves after processed into semi-finished products, need to be semi-finished bamboo with vacuum bulk packaging refrigerated warehouse of 20 ℃ below zero, for the year in outbound precision work, make sure that the bamboo color, aroma, taste and shape of the four seasons such as new, constant consistent quality.


Bamboo leaf green tea finishing


Zhuyeqing tea which finishing is the tea through the artificial hand choice pretreating good semi-finished products (only using artificial talk bamboo craft choice and then to finish machining equipment further refinement processing) and complete sets of finishing line of tea appearance finishing sundry, in addition, the metal pick carved, titian baking process, main purpose is to eliminate the physical class at the end of the piece in tea and sundry, aroma and taste of the development of bamboo, bamboo tea unique quality style. Finishing process adopts the whole flow line completely closed, high clean operation.

Finishing process

uniform heap of semi-finished bamboo leaf green - screening and finishing - air sorting and electrostatic sorting - color sorting - metal picking and picking - foreign matter sorting - Titian baking - cooling and foreign matter sorting - air sorting and electrostatic sorting - quota packing for metering packaging.

TU (4)
TU (1)

Bamboo green tea metering packaging

Metering packaging is to separate bamboo leaf green tea into 3.6 grams/bag, 4 grams/bag, 50 grams/bag, 100 grams/box, 228 grams/box and other different specifications of small packaging form of measurement, and jet code, film, labeling packing for sale process, bamboo leaf green tea never in the form of loose tea sales. The packaging process adopts manual and automatic packaging machinery combined, 3.6g, 4g, 50g bamboo leaf green tea using oxygen and nitrogen filling automatic packaging machine, the packaging machine has a high degree of automation, high measurement accuracy, high continuous smooth operation advantages, effectively ensure the quality of bamboo leaf green products in the sales channel stability

The shape of flat strips, tapered at both ends, shaped like bamboo leaves; Endoplasm aroma high freshness; Soup color clear, taste thick alcohol; The base of the leaves is light green and even

Green tea is known as the "national drink". Modern science and numerous studies have confirmed that the tea does contain closely related to human health and biochemical ingredients, tea is not only a refresh the mind, heat has soared, the disappear of phlegm, to be bored with to lose weight, the mind except vexed, detoxification from ingesting, thirst quenching, decrease internal heat, bright eye, pharmacological effects, such as check flow field dehumidify also for modern diseases, such as radiation sickness, cardio-cerebrovascular disease, cancer and other diseases, has the certain pharmacological efficacy. The main components of tea with pharmacological effects are tea polyphenols, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine and so on.

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