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mao feng is lightly rolled in shape, like bird’s tongue, with yellowish green and silver silver visible. In addition, the tea is filled with golden fish leaves, which are poured into the cup to make the tea top. The liquor color is clear and yellowish, and the leaves at the bottom are yellow and green with vitality. The newly made tea leaves are pekoe wrapped in the body, with sharp buds and peaks.

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Green tea

Tea series

Mao Feng


Sichuan Province, China


Small roll tip, slightly tippy


Tend aroma


Rich,  refreshing,brisk


25g, 100g, 125g, 200g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 5000g for paper box or tin

1KG,5KG,20KG,40KG for wooden case

30KG,40KG,50KG for plastic bag or gunny bag

Any other packaging as customer's requirements are OK






Keep in dry and cool place for long-term storage


Africa, Europe, Middle East, Middle Asia


Quality certificate, Phytosanitary certificate,ISO,QS,CIQ,HALAL and others as requirements


Free sample

Delivery time

20-35 days after order details confirmed

Fob port


Payment terms


First, appearance characteristics

Huangshan Maofeng, the shape of a small roll, like a bird's tongue, green in yellow, silver light, and with golden fish leaves (commonly known as gold). Maofeng strip thin flat, green in slightly yellow, color oil embellish bright; The sharp buds nestle close in the leaves and resemble a bird's tongue. The bud peak of dry tea bud should be exposed. The bud peak of dry tea bud should be exposed. The bud peak of dry tea bud should be exposed, and the bud peak of dry tea bud should be hidden and the bud peak of dry tea bud should be exposed. After super Huangshan Maofeng is brewed, the buds and leaves will be suspended in the water vertically, and then slowly sink, and the buds will be tender and tender. 


Mao Feng, also refers to the green tea in the initial production of the formation of thin and tight, revealing the tender roasted green. The hair peak made in the leaflet area is thin and tight in shape, with the antler and the bud front revealed. The liquor color is bright, the aroma is clear, the taste is mellow and cool, and the bottom of the leaves is green and bright. Large leaf species, yellowish or dark green in color, thick in fragrance, tender tender buds at the base of the leaves

Two, picking characteristics

Huangshan Maofeng picking fine, super Huangshan Maofeng picking standard for a bud and a leaf early exhibition, 1-3 Huangshan Mao. The picking standard of Maofeng Mountain in Huangshan is one bud and one leaf, and one bud and two leaves at the beginning. One bud, one leaf, two leaves; One bud, two and three leaves begin to unfold. Super Huangshan Maofeng is mined before and after Tomb-sweeping Day, and 1-3 Huangshan Maofeng is mined before and after Grain Rain. After fresh leaves are imported into the plant, they should be picked out to eliminate frostbite leaves and disease-insect damage leaves, and the leaves, stems and tea fruits that do not meet the standard requirements should be picked out to ensure the quality of buds and leaves is uniform and clean. Then spread the fresh leaves of different tenderness separately to lose some of the water.

In order to preserve the quality and freshness, the morning is required and the afternoon is required. In the afternoon and at night. In addition, the top Huangshan Maofeng shape like bird's tongue, Bai Hao exposed, color like ivory, gold fish leaves. After brewing, the fragrance is high and long, the color of the soup is clear, the taste is fresh and thick, mellow and sweet, the bottom of the leaves is tender and yellow, and the fat becomes a flower. Among them, golden flakes and ivory color are the two obvious characteristics that make the shape of the top-grade Maofeng of Huangshan different from other Maofeng.

Third, the aroma

In the high-quality Maofeng Mountain of Huangshan, grab a handful of dried tea leaves close to your nose, and you will smell fresh and fresh, or have a fragrance similar to orchid incense and chestnut.

Four, tang

Brew the tea leaves for 3 to 5 minutes, then pour out the tea into another bowl. If the best Huangshan Maofeng, the color of the soup is clear and bright, light green or yellow green, and clear but not cloudy, fragrant and long.

Five, the taste

Huangshan Maofeng drink imports, generally feel the taste of fresh and thick, not bitter, sweet aftertaste

Production technology

1, fresh leaves picking booth: before and after Tomb Sweeping Day, pick healthy tea tree 1 bud 1 leaf or 1 bud 2 leaf at the beginning of the fat tender bud leaves, after 6-12 hours spread green, until the leaf loses luster, smell the fragrance.

2, killing rubbing: in the inclined pot or flat pot, the amount of leaves is 500-750 grams, the requirement of high temperature, a small amount, frequently fried fast push, when the water vapor transpiration, a person from the side of the fan, disperse water vapor, to prevent dull yellow. Close to moderate, two hands relative, five fingers differential, gently rubbing, to the basic into a pot, stall cool. If the bar is not good, you can knead it gently after the pot is cool.

3, the initial drying: in the oven or dryer, the temperature of 90--110 C, each cage to bake about a pot of green leaves. Requirement uniform fire, smokeless, bookstand frequently turn over, drying to a little touch can be under the drying, and timely spread cool moisture.

4, lift: the first baked leaves spread cool for half an hour, and then put into the pot, hands relative rubbing lift. The temperature should be high and then low (90--60 ° C), the hand should be light and then heavy and then light. When the tea leaves are basically set, there are small antlered balls, and there is an obvious tentacle feeling. When about 80% of the tea leaves are dry, put them in the pot and cool them.

5. Re-bake (dry enough) : 2 to 3 cages of leaves and one cage, the temperature is first high and then low (80-60 ° C), bake until the stem is broken, hand twist tea can be powder is appropriate. After tea sufficient is dry, winnow goes broken end, cool to room temperature, pack a bag again (box) store up or sell

The effect and function of maofeng

Maofeng belongs to green tea, which is a general term for tender and roasted green tea. The main producing areas are Yunnan, Emei, Zunyi, Wuyi and other places, among which the most famous is Huangshan Maofeng in Anhui Province. In addition, there are Emei Maofeng, Mengding Maofeng and so on. The shape of Maofeng tea is striped, tight and thin, with emerald green color and fine antler disclosed, fresh and lasting aroma. The liquor color is light green and bright, the taste is mellow and refreshing and sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is green and bright and even.

1. Enhance thinking ability

The caffeine contained in Maofen can stimulate the central nervous system, improve the agility of the brain, eliminate fatigue, improve work efficiency, but also improve the ability to enhance thinking, judgment and memory.

2. Promote blood circulation

Maofen can improve the body's metabolism, promote the body's blood circulation function, reduce cholesterol, enhance the toughness of capillaries, and enhance the anticoagulation of blood.

3. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Maofeng is rich in tea polyphenols and vitamin C, which can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and prevent arteriosclerosis. Often drinking Maofeng tea can reduce the incidence of hypertension and coronary heart disease.

4. Suppress cancer cells

The tea polyphenols contained in Maofeng can kill cancer cells and have the effect of preventing and fighting cancer. At the same time, the flavonoids contained in Maofeng have different degrees of anti-cancer effects in vitro, and can also play a role in cancer prevention and anti-cancer effects.

5, antibacterial and bacteriostatic

The tea polyphenols and tannins contained in Maofeng can solidify the bacterial protein and kill the bacteria. Can be used to treat cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, enteritis and other intestinal diseases. It also has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on skin sores, ulceration and purulent flow. In addition, to the treatment of oral inflammation, ulceration, sore throat and so on also has a certain therapeutic effect.

6, prevention and treatment of various diseases

The content of vitamin C and tea polyphenols in Maofeng is relatively rich, which has a strong effect on inhibiting bacterial reproduction, radiation resistance, preventing and curing vascular sclerosis, lowering blood lipid and increasing white blood cells.

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