Junlian Hong top quality black tea

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The functions of Junlian Hong black tea:Warm the body and resist the cold. It  is rich in protein and sugar, heats and warms the abdomen. It can protect the stomach, help digest and relieve greasy. It can prevent getting cold,too.

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Junlian Hong top quality black tea


Sichuan Province, China




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black tea

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Junlian Hong


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"Sichuan Gongfu Black Tea", "Qihong" and "Dianhong" are collectively known as the three major black teas in China, and they have been well-known in China and abroad.

Sichuan Black Tea

As early as the 1950s, "Chuanhong Gongfu" (commonly known as Sichuan black tea) enjoyed the reputation of "Saiqihong" as soon as it was launched on the international market. It also won a number of international awards, and its quality has been praised internationally and domestically.

Sichuan black tea is originally produced in Yibin, and Mr. Lu Yunfu, a well-known tea expert in China, praised "Yibin is the hometown of Sichuan black tea".

Junlian Hong top quality black tea

Sichuan red congou black tea produced in Yibin, Sichuan Province and other places, is produced in the 1950s congou black tea. For more than 30 years, the representative brands of Chuanhong are "Linhu", "Palace" and "Festival Night" brand products. With the fine quality of tight and round cable, fine and straight, fine and smooth color, fragrant and high flavor, Chuanhong sells well in the international market and has become one of the high quality congou black tea of rising star in China.

The production skills of Sichuan Gongfu Black Tea became the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province in 2014

Sichuan red congou black tea is a rising star of congou black tea. The shape of the cable fat round tight, show gold Ho, black color Zewu oil embellish; After brewing, it has a fresh aroma with orange sugar, mellow and fresh taste, thick and bright soup color, thick, soft and even red leaves. The production area is mainly located in Yibin area in the south of Sichuan. The tea plantations are of high terrain and the tea trees germinate early and enter the market in April. The tea has been highly praised by the international community for its remarkable characteristics of early, tender, fast and good quality.

On June 26, 2014, the production skills of Sichuan Gongfu Black Tea entered the Sichuan Provincial People's Government and announced the fourth batch of Sichuan Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Project List. It has officially become the intangible cultural heritage of Sichuan Province. With a history of more than 100 years, "Chuan Hong Congou" has been successfully applied for the World Heritage, becoming the first black tea intangible cultural heritage project in Sichuan Province, which will also promote the development of Yibin tea industry

Junlian Hong top quality black tea2

The characteristics of Sichuan Gongfu black tea are: picking a single bud or one bud and one leaf with the first tender shoots of fresh tea leaves after withering and rolling, and then fermenting. The fermented tea leaves are dehydrated and shaped by microwave, and then picked up and dried. Get the finished product.

It was first proposed to use tea tree buds and leaves to make black tea; secondly, the internal quality of the product was improved. The raw materials of black tea made in the past were relatively rough and old materials, resulting in lower quality of black tea, and this type of black tea was full of golden, mellow and sweet. , Without the strong feeling and stimulation of traditional black tea, it is more suitable for the taste of white-collar workers.

The benefits of drinking Sichuan Gongfu black tea

1、Warm the body and resist the cold

A cup of warm black tea can not only warm your body, but also play a role in disease prevention. Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, heats and warms the abdomen, and can enhance the body's ability to resist cold. In some parts of our country, there is a habit of adding sugar to black tea and drinking milk, which can not only heat up the abdomen, but also increase nutrition and strengthen the body.

Protect the stomach

The tea polyphenols contained in tea have an astringent effect and have a certain stimulating effect on the stomach. It is more irritating under fasting conditions, so sometimes drinking tea on an empty stomach will cause discomfort.

While black tea is made through fermentation and baking, tea polyphenols undergo enzymatic oxidation under the action of oxidase, and the content of tea polyphenols is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach is also reduced.

The oxidation products of tea polyphenols in black tea can promote digestion by the human body. Regular drinking black tea with sugar and milk can reduce inflammation, protect the gastric mucosa, and have certain benefits for protecting the stomach.

Help digest and relieve greasy

Black tea can remove greasiness, help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, and strengthen heart function. When you feel greasy and bloated in your daily diet, drink more black tea to reduce greasiness and promote digestion. Big fish and meat often make people indigestion. Drinking black tea at this time can eliminate greasiness, help digestion in the stomach and intestines, and help your health.

prevent getting cold

The body's resistance is reduced and it is easy to catch a cold, and black tea can prevent colds. Black tea has strong antibacterial power. Gargle with black tea can filter viruses to prevent colds, prevent tooth decay and food poisoning, and reduce blood sugar and high blood pressure.

 Black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein and sugar, which can enhance the body's resistance. Because black tea is fully fermented, it has weak irritation, and is especially suitable for people with weaker stomach and body.

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